Thursday, 16 April 2015

UK Mini Swap - time to send and round two

It is time! 
Some swappers have sent their minis earlier this week as either they or their partner is going away or moving houses. We also had a few who sent early, probably because they were so excited... LOL.
Some of the minis posted on Instagram earlier today
Looking at the ukminiswap hashtag on Instagram, there are so so many stunning minis making their way to their new owners.

If posting on Instagram please tag your post with #ukminiswapsent. When you receive, please post a photo adding #ukminiswapreceived and the maker's IG name.

Final day for posting, unless otherwise agreed, is 22 April.

If you for any reason at all are running into any difficulties, please contact your swap mama as soon as possible. We will do what we can to help you, and also try to manage the expectations of your partner. Everyone has worked really hard, and we like everyone to receive a mini before the end of the month.

A future UK Mini Swap?

I have had a few asking when the next swap is, but there are so many swaps out there at the moment I'm tempted to hold off for a while. This was the first swap I organised and I'd love to hear your views on how it can be made better the next time around. Should it be open for all, or should it be invitation only? Should it be something else than a mini? Perhaps a pouch, basket, pin cushion, or a space ship.... Should there be a theme, or three to choose from? Please leave a comment below, send me an email or DM me on Instagram/Facebook.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

ScandiBee for February - spider webs (catch-up post)

Gathering ideas for my own month of Queen Bee in the ScandiBee, I pinned a spider web block from Quilters' Cache to our joint Pinterest board. Little did I know, that less than 10 mins later Lizzie was going to pin the same block to the same board!!! Great minds....

For February, Lizzie asked us to make scrappy spider web blocks with a red centre.

The tutorial she picked came from Sewing by Moonlight and was pretty straight forward. The test square (1 inch) on the template even printed the correct size the first time for me!

In my blocks for Lizzie, I have included some of the sport bike fabric by Alexander Henry which I sent her as an extra in the Schnitzel and Boo mini swap last year. The text print from the hedgehog I sent her, is also in one of these blocks. I also used some cute birdies which she had said she loved for the centre, some Karen Lewis prints, Union Jacks, British printed lilies,  Lotta Jansdotter, Katy Jones, Kate Spain, Cath Kidson, Tula Pink, Frances Newcombe, Carolyn Friedlander, Liberty of London, etc.

Phew, when did I actually learn all these fabric designer names???

So, that was the second month of our ScandiBee and again a fun block. This was a bit more challenging technically than Stina's, but lots of fun.

To see the full set of blocks, pop over to Lizzie on Instagram/agalinsweden or to her blog Swedish Scrapper.

Bring on March with Ruth as the Queen Bee as I *might* know what block she's going to pick ;-)

ScandiBee for January (catch-up post)

Stina, blogging as KviltStina, kicked off our Scandinavian quilting bee, by requesting us to dig into our our favourite fabrics and creating strip blocks for her.

She asked that one should be in our favourite colour, as long a sit wasn't brown.... The other block should be low volume.

I was tempted to make one in blue, but  one of the other bee members (Anne) rocks the blue and turquoise spectrum, so I opted to use purple and lilac. I tried to select the more colourful fabrics I had as Stina had asked for bright and happy. Below was the pull I showed Stina. Being polite she said she loved them alll......

The block was very simple to stitch togtehr, so most of the time was spent selecting fabrics. I didn't have much low volume at home, but with the Internet and Fabrics Galore close by, I could get hold of what I needed.

In the end, these were the two requested blocks plus one bonus block which I sent off to Stina. I also included some left over low volume (and some brown ones?) so she could make further blocks if she wanted.

Looking at Stina's blog she has made the most gorgeous quilt from our blocks! She very bravely cut into all of them and completely transformed our goodies into a beauty.

Go to her blog to read all about the process of making the quilt, and to see more gorgeous photos from a snowy northern Sweden.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Scanid Bee - blog button

We have a blog button! How cool is that!?!?!?

It was made by the other Nina, using Stina's finished bee quilt.


Thanks Nina xxx

Monday, 23 March 2015

UK Mini Swap - three weeks left

We are all busy

The activity on the Instagram hashtags has been increasing as we are coming closer to the end of the first UK Mini Swap. Here are some of the progress photos found when searching for our hashtag on Instagram.

For the latest entries, please see

New partners 

A few people have dropped out and we have reallocated partners. A HUGE THANK YOU to those who has accepted making for a new partner this late in the process. Hopefully, this way, everyone who is making a mini, should also get one back.

Labelling your mini

How you label your mini is completely up to you, but as a minimum I suggest you add your name and that of the receipient plus UK Mini Swap. Perhaps also add the name of the mini, the date, your web page, etc.

Earlier on, I was asked if I had any templates for the labels. I am no graphic designer, but as I like to try to be helpful, I have made two different designs; in colour and pure black & white. Feel free to download and adjust as you like.

To download the PDF file with all labels, one per page (A4), please click here.

If you have any problems, just let me know as sometimes google docs just doesn't work from some browsers.

If you search online, there are lots of tutorials on how to print on fabric, e.g. WikiHow and Instructables. Please note that not all printers may like fabric being sent through them....

Have fun and good luck all!