Quilting Bees

Siblings Together

Bee 4; Angel block maker

FINISHED - Scandi Bee

A group of quilters either of Scandinavian origin or living in Scandinavia. We have 12 core members who have signed up to swap quilt blocks over the course of a year.

We kicked off with a mug rug swap for Christmas before our first Queen took over in January 2015. To follow us, please check out Instagram (#scandibee) and the Scandibee group on Flickr.

January - Stina   (IG)   (web)
February - Lizzie   (IG)   (web)
March - Ruth   (IG)   (old web?)
April - Sigrun   (IG)   (web)
May - Synnøve   (IG)   (web)
June - Anne   (IG)   (web)
July - Nina BossyOz   (IG)   (web)
August - Nina with freckles   (IG)   (web)
September -  Annika   (IG)   (web)
October - Belinda   (IG)   (web)
Nov - Marica   (IG)   (web)
Dec - Hanne   (IG)   (web)


FINISHED - Modern Insta Bee 

UK, Hive 1
Following the book "Modern Bee" edited by Lindsay Conner.
Instagram: #hive1uk, #moderninstabeeuk, #moderninstabee2014

May - Gina; Painter's palette (blog) (IG)
June - Catrin; Come Together (blog) (IG)
July - Isobel; Stacked Windmills (IG)
August - Nina; Cordelia's Garden (blog) (IG)
September - Cara; Stacked Windmills (blog)  (IG)
October - Gemma; Triple Star (IG)
November - Angela; Trellis Crossroads (blog) (Twitter) (IG)
December - Kerry; Cordelia's Garden (blog) (IG)
January - Lynne; Trellis Crossroads (IG)
February - Julie;  Triple Star (IG)
March - Joanna; Mosaic Tiles (blog) (IG)
April - Rosanne; Baseball Curves (blog) (IG)


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