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Books and digital patterns

Digital patterns

I currently sell digital patterns in two different locations (the Etsy shop is on hold)

UK Quilters United (UKQU)
This is the commercial website linked to the Facebook group Juliet and I started back in 2014. In my UKQU shop I have a few patterns, some of which are for free.

I have also got some of my PDF / digital patterns available for download in my PAYHIP shop,

My Etsy shop  Sewn, quilted and crafted by BossyOz is not usually stocked (as they charge a listing fee), but do have a look, as you never know, there might be something listed...

Quilting related books

UK Quilters United - Book 1 and Book 2

For UK Quilters United, I manage the sale of two books;

UK Quilters United by a common thread, edited by Julie Passey

UK Quilters United by a second thread, edited by Nina Danielsson