Blueberry Park Mini Swap



To take part you must be ACTIVE on Instagram and your account must be PUBLIC and remain public for the duration of the swap.  No exceptions please. If needed, please create a separate account for the swap. By active, you typically post at least a few times per week. 

You agree that this is a swap for all abilities and that you are likely to be matched with someone less or more experienced than you.

This is a secret swap. You know who you are making for, but not who is making for you. You should not reveal who you are making for until in the package you send off.

Mini quilt specification:
  • The area must be 300 to 500 square inches. It can be any shape!!! Hence it could be e.g. 17”x18”, 23”x23”, 10”x40”, circular, hexagon, triangular, etc, etc.
  • The majority of fabric must be Blueberry Park by Karen Lewis for Robert Kaufmann and/or Karen’s own screen printed fabrics. A small amount of other fabrics is allowed.
  • For the full range by Robert Kaufman, check
Mandatory check-ins (more activity is encouraged!) (dates amended!):
  • During December: Post mosaics showing your likes to help your partner get some inspiration
  • During January: Design and fabric ideas of what you are considering making for your partner. Please also make sure you comment on the posts by others in your group
  • During February and early March: Progress photos of the mini you are making
  • 10-15 March: Photo of the (almost) finished mini
  • 19 March to 29 March: Send window for everyone (proof of posting required)
  • After receipt: Post a photo and a thank you

Please note that your swap lead will love you a lot more if you post and comment on a regular basis.

Reallocating partners:
Life happens all the time, but please don’t stop communicating with us. If we at any time feel that you are not being active in the swap (posting on IG, responding to emails/messages, making your Instagram account private, etc), we’ll ask you to increase your level of activity in the swap. If you are not improving, especially towards the end of January and throughout February, we will remove you from the swap and ask your partner to make for someone else.

The swap naughty list:
If you are on the swap naughty list, please note that you may not be allowed to join. If you flake in this swap, you will be added to the list.



United Kingdom lead: @bossyoz ; Australia lead: @mrees2511 ; United States lead: @karie_twokwikquilters ; Europe lead: tbc if needed ; Rest of World lead: tbc if needed

Useful links:

Please stay tuned as we are making the final arrangements.

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