Quick and easy quilt pattern - Roman Rail Fence

Free, easy PDF pattern to download

Having created the pattern for this easy quilt, I hesitated before naming it as I wanted to ensure I gave it a correct name. I was planning to call it something with 'Rail Fence', but some searching online made me realise that not all quilt patterns with strips arranged into squares are called Rail Fence!

More than one Rail Fence

The one consisting of just two rectangular pieces in each sub-block is usually referred to as Streak of Lightning (or Endless Stair) block.

Using three rectangular pieces in each sub-block and you need to refer to the block as a Roman Square.

Finally, the block with four strips, is the one which is actually called Rail Fence. 

The free pattern

So, with that out of the way, it's time to show you the quilt top I made using my Roman Rail Fence pattern (see what i did there?). The sub-blocks consist of three rectangular pieces sewn together to create a flow of red and orange 'stairs' throughout the quilt, with dark blue 'shadows'.

The pattern is available to download for free from my shops on ukqu.co.uk and payhip.com.