World Cup fever - make a football (EPP)

If you have been really bored, you may have found out that a typical football consists of 20 hexagons and 12 pentagons. I say ‘typical’ football, as the older ones were made up of rectangular-ish shapes and the latest one used for the World Cup is actually made up of six cleverly interlinked panels. But this make is for a ball consisting of hexagons and pentagons.

Lots of left-over hexagons?

I believe there are many like me, who have lots of basted hexagons not yet used in a project. Find 20 of them, measure the side and create 12 pentagons to match. Add toy stuffing and you can make a football.

For this particular ball, the recipient decided she wanted to be able to hang it on her bag; hence we added a ribbon when sewing the shapes together.

I found that you can turn and stuff the football through just one of the pentagons (1 inch sides).

Free pattern

Head over to my shop to download the free template and brief instructions. The PDF file includes the full set of hexagons and pentagons for a football; all with the side 1 inch. I have also included a separate page with hexagons and pentagons with 1.5 inch and 2 inch sides.