The UKQU website is live

At the beginning of January 2018, we launched a website for UK Quilters United. Lots of hard work had been done in the background for a very long time.

One of the rules in all the UKQU Facebook groups, since the start four years ago, has been that we do not allow any self-promotion or advertising, and there is a strict no-selling rule (except one of the groups which allow personal de-stashing of quilting related items). Many of our members are also shop owners and they have been asking us to allow them to sell / advertise. The website is our response to this.

At the moment we have nine main categories, with more to come as we have the chance to develop it.

For most of the sections, the content is provided by volunteers, doing it all for free, or in exchange for some freebie which they product test or write a review about.

As one of the founders of the UK Quilters United Facebook group, I am contributing to the website when I can. So far it has mainly been in the background, or by promoting the website and Facebook groups when I've had a chance.

Recently, I launched an appliqué and a foundation paper piecing pattern for our UKQU logo. You can find these patterns for free in my shop.

For lots of inspiration, hints & tips, competitions, blogs, BOMs, and shops, please head over to UKQU.CO.UK.