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Back by popular demand! Slightly amended, but still hopefully lots of fun! This time you can select what you'd like to swap. The options are:
  • Mini quilt - 300 to 500 square inches, any shape!!!
  • Zippered pouch - any design but one zip must be at least 12" long. 
  • Tote bag - to fit at least an A4 note book and to have at least one pocket. 
To make this a stress free and fun swap, please select the item you are most comfortable making.

No matter which item you select to swap, please use quilting techniques to some extent. After all, most of us are quilters.

You agree that this is a swap for all abilities and that you are likely to be matched with someone less or more experienced than you.

To take part, and to remain in the swap, you commit to being active on Instagram. This includes posting inspiration photos/mosaics, progress photos and commenting on other swapper's pictures.

This is a secret swap.  You should not reveal who you are making for until in the package you send off. You know who you are making for, but not who is making for you. You agree not to tell anyone who you are making for.

Also, you agree to include only one extra item at a value of max £5 or something which took max 1 hour to make. It would also be great if you added a note or letter so your partner knows who made them the surprise.

I am hoping to allocate partners during the final week of July.

Send date is 20 to 24 October 2015.

Residential UK postal addresses only (no PO box please). 

Further information will be posted on and

Sign-up has now closed


Tanna said…
I want in, but I have a US address. :( Have you ever considered doing a UK/US swap? Same rules.That would be fun!!!
BossyOz said…
Tanna, I'm sorry, but this is UK only. This is to avoid us UK based swappers paying ridiculously high postage to send and/or customs duties to receive our packages.
Thera are plenty of world-wide ones which you can join. Check out the feed of . Lots are listed there.