Upcycling - doll's pushchair gets a new seat

It didn't take long until the original flimsy seat for the doll's pushchair had been broken. Someone I know very well beat me to repairing it and did it "bloke style"......  silver tape and staples!

Taking the original seat apart to use as a pattern would have been super easy, so I decided to make a new cover rather than try to mend the old one; after all it was now full of staples and sticky icky tape...

However, when doing a google search, I came across a brilliant tutorial by Jaime at Pretty Prudent (click for the link). It even has standard measurements for the seat; perfect if you don't have the pushchair, but are making it as a surprise for someone else!

For the new cover, I wanted something childish, but not too pink and girlie...
Please ignore the measurements in the picture...
This blue sweet fabric from the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory series (Roald Dahl) was perfect. For the back, I used a pink fabric with red tiny dots from IKEA. To round it off, I used pre-made red bias binding. 

When making the seat, I made one change; instead of solid loops at the top, I used a pretty elastic.

Here are some further pictures of the new seat.

ETA: Is it just me, or isn't the dolly looking a bit scary???