Facebook based mini swap (UK only)

Yep, I've gone mad...

The Instagram swap has not yet fully finished before I kick off another swap, this time Facebook based.

When sign-up closed yesterday evening 104 swappers had signed up. Everyone has now been allocated a partner to make for and the emails with all details should be sent out today or tomorrow.


Unknown said…
Saw this idea of a mini quilt swap on bear paw but see I have missed the boat this time. When will the next one be and how do I sign up please?
Thanks, Katie x
BossyOz said…

The next one is likely to be for active Instagram users. Likely sign-ups during or just after the summer, with send date most likely November (before the Christmas chaos starts). If you are on Instagram, follow me there (bossyoz) and you should hopefully spot when sign-ups start.

For the next Facebook based one, keep an eye on UK Quilters United! I have added you as a member of the group. Lots of inspiration and friendly advise! Once the next swap starts I'll open up the mini swap group on Facebook again for new people to join.

Both versions will also be announced here on the blog. Typically sign ups are open for a week.