ScandiBee for January (catch-up post)

Stina, blogging as KviltStina, kicked off our Scandinavian quilting bee, by requesting us to dig into our our favourite fabrics and creating strip blocks for her.

She asked that one should be in our favourite colour, as long a sit wasn't brown.... The other block should be low volume.

I was tempted to make one in blue, but  one of the other bee members (Anne) rocks the blue and turquoise spectrum, so I opted to use purple and lilac. I tried to select the more colourful fabrics I had as Stina had asked for bright and happy. Below was the pull I showed Stina. Being polite she said she loved them alll......

The block was very simple to stitch togtehr, so most of the time was spent selecting fabrics. I didn't have much low volume at home, but with the Internet and Fabrics Galore close by, I could get hold of what I needed.

In the end, these were the two requested blocks plus one bonus block which I sent off to Stina. I also included some left over low volume (and some brown ones?) so she could make further blocks if she wanted.

Looking at Stina's blog she has made the most gorgeous quilt from our blocks! She very bravely cut into all of them and completely transformed our goodies into a beauty.

Go to her blog to read all about the process of making the quilt, and to see more gorgeous photos from a snowy northern Sweden.