Modern Insta Bee – December

For December, Kerry asked us to make the Cordelia’s Garden block. This is the same block as I asked for in August when I was the Queen Bee. That time we used blue, yellow and beige.

Kerry asked to use grey, navy, coral and aqua. I had a dig through my stash and realised I had plenty of grey fabrics, but not that many coral or aqua. I made the following pull and asked Kerry which she'll prefer.

She opted for the lighter grey option in the bottom right corner. This grey fabric is a favourite of mine as it's slightly uneven and therefore forgiving when using it in geometric blocks. It's from the Architextures collection by Caroline Friedlander.

This is who the block looked when finished.

As before, the pattern can be found in the book "Modern Bee - 13 quilts to make with friends", by Lindsay Conner.

To find out more about these blocks and the quilt Kerry is putting together, please head over and visit her on the blog or Instagram.