Teacher Thank You gift

At the end of the summer term, DS helped prepare this quilt for his main teacher. As she was expecting her first baby at the time, we made something the whole family hopefully could find useful. We may have gone a bit over the top in the Thank You gift department.

We made the quilt in black, white and green, as we don't know if the baby is going to be a boy or a girl. Using a home dec weight fabric from IKEA, which DS coloured in, we created a rather unique looking quilt.

Many of the blocks had small messages, like this one.

I almost like the backing as much as the front, but then the written numbers just seemed perfect for a teacher!

All nicely rolled up.

It hadn't been possible to pull this gift off, if it hadn't been for Debbie, who managed an impressively short turnaround for the quilting it on her long arm! This is the fourth quilt she has quilted for me and I'm continuously very pleased with her work.