Pattern testing - the Click Quilt

I was lucky enough to be sent a copy of the Click Quilt, a pattern created by the multi talented Tracey over at TraceyJayQuilts

As I was going on holiday, I packed my tiny sewing machine (28cm x 23cm x 12.5cm / 11"x9"x5"), the pattern and lots of cut out shapes for the blocks. 

As an added bonus, when we arrived in Cornwall there was a parcel full of lovely batik fabrics waiting for me. These were all from Susan over at CanadianAbroad. She had asked on Instagram if anyone could find a use for batiks she had left from a project.

As there were some lovely purples in the mix, which I wanted to use for the blocks, I 'had to' go and get a new rotary cutter, cutting mat and ruler (the others were left at home). The lovely Coast and Country quilt shop, or locally known as "Sally's" were just around the corner, so this was easily rectified.

This Tula Pink block was one of the first I made. 

No matter how lovely Tula's fabrics are, it just didn't really work for me with the same fabric in the block. I wanted the quilt to have more contrast and interest. Saying that, this block is definitely staying with me as it'll be a lovely cushion cover.

I managed to make ten blocks using some or all batik fabrics.

I also made 30 blocks in various purple fabrics I had at home and some from Festival of Quilts in Birmingham earlier this month. Unfortunately, it was dark by the time I managed to get the three terrors to bed and had time to lay it all out. Apologies for the not so good photo. I'll take some better photos when we are back home and the children are all back to school and nursery. 

The verdict: This pattern is great and perfect for showing off fabric (I went for the 12" block, there's a 8" template too). Add to that very fast to chain-piece and a result which looks way more complicated than it is. It is a bit less fast to cut out the shapes, but once its all done, you are on the home stretch. I didn't have access to the acrylic templates. Instead I had the paper template, cut out without the 1/4" seam allowance. I then just added the seam allowance when cutting out the fabric. This stopped me from slowly cutting off the template….

The number one tip: Do NOT cut out your blocks on folded fabrics! You need all blocks facing the same direction.

To see more of these lovely quilts, go to Instagram and search for hashtag clickquilt.

I am definetly keeping 13 of these blocks (12 plus Tula), but the rest are likely to end up in our block swop in the Facebook group UKQU Block Swop. Please feel free to join the group if you are in the United Kingdom. Deadline for the Perfectly Purple swop is end of September.  Any design, 12" square finished size, purple and lilac (no appliqué). More info in the group files.

The Click Quilt: Patterns and templates are available in Tracey's shop. If you like to follow Tracey's quilting adventures, please visit her blog or follow her on Instagram.