My take on Festival of Quilts 2014 - part 1

Despite being at the Festival of Quilts for two days, I definitely had quilt inspiration overload. With so many fabulous quilts seen in such a short time, it was really hard to properly appreciate the awesomeness of all of them.

Having taken quite a few photos, and now scanning through them at home, here are some of the ones which caught my eyes.

I liked this one because of the attention to detail.

Close up:

The full quilt:

This was different as it had dimension to it.

From the side:

This quilt remind me of fantastic skiing holidays. Also loved the clarity.

This one was fun and made by one of the people I follow on Instagram.

This one felt fresh and different. I usually don't like coral and aqua, but this stood out.

Blue and fish can never be wrong!

Here a quilt by an online "friend" commemorating World War 1.

This was submitted in the "In my garden" category. Wishing I lived in a country where these little fellows lived in my garden!

Just because it was large and eye catching.

Geometric and woods, lovely red colour.

Finally, who can resist Super Mario?

I'll make another post with some of my favourite geometric quilts.