Modern Insta Bee - third month i.e. July

For July, Isobel asked us to help her make a very special quilt for a close friend of hers. Isobel picked the Stacked Windmills, and was also kind enough to send out fabrics for the blocks. The only fabric I had to find, was for the middle block.

As I had limited fabric to make the real block in, I carefully made a test block in red, white and blue fabrics. The pile of my blocks for the "Oh Dear Nina" quilt is growing.

With potentially 36 half square triangles and LOTS of points to get neat, this is a rather fiddly block, thats for sure. Promising myself to be extra careful with the points, press more often and to be sewing straight, I set off and made the block in the proper fabrics.

Gorgeous colours! Having seen most of the other Bee blocks, I can confidently say this is going to be one stunning quilt!

At the end of July, Isobel had eight blocks and published the below photo.

To see the progress, please pop over to her Instagram feed.

Thanks for letting me be part of your Hugs Quilt, Isobel. Hope it provides some comfort to your friend during her difficult time.

Lots of love
/ Nx