City Sampler, by Tula Pink (book review)

I was given Tula Pink's City Sampler -100 modern quilt blocks for my recent birthday. 

It has, surprise surprise, 100 different quilt blocks structured in six sections - crosses, rectangles, triangles, stripes, squares and haiku. Even if none of the blocks are completely unique or revolutionary - it's a fabulous source of modern and fresh looking blocks! Also, everything is straight lines, no curved seams anywhere; still 100 different blocks!!!

I love the fact that the focus is on the blocks, not tools, stitches or other stuff which most other authors seem to fill 50% of their books with.

I have just started working my way through the blocks. I am rather randomly making the blocks which i happen to have cut fabric strips for. So far, LOTS of fun, and I have already managed to misread one of the instructions, so the block turned out slightly different than the instruction - but still great!

Great inspiration!