Emergency avoided - copy made!

When DD was born she was given a super soft cuddly rabbit with really loooooong ears.  It was made by a lady in South Africa and brought here by her friend who was also one of the mums in our parent group for DS. The Rabbit was, and still is, with DD every night and she usually goes to bed massaging the silky ears.

During the years it has started to look rather tatty well-loved and a new one was desperately needed. Long story short; it was easier to make a copy than try to get hold of a new similar looking one from South Africa.

When I bought the fleece for the replacement rabbit a year ago (I never got around to making it until recently), the colour was a very close match, even if it doesn't look like it in the picture.

If you are in South Africa or need a gift for a mum to be or a new born baby, do go and check out Lily 'n Jack's web page, link here.


Wow! Bunny twins! That was clever of you to make a doppelgänger. They look exactly alike.