Charity donation - table runner or mug rugs

I haven't had as much time as I have hoped to get things ready for the Charity Christmas Fair this year, as DH has been doing lots of travelling and I am also busy preparing for Baby 3 arriving some time in October. 

Currently I am working on five of these star blocks.

I haven't yet decided if I make some more and turn it into a larger rectangular table runner, or if I keep them as separate blocks. Individually they'll be almost as place mats or "mug rugs". In the end it really comes down to what I believe we'd get most money by selling. There seem to be a magic limit for how much anyone is prepared to pay for a table runner, and based on that we'll probably raise more money by selling them individually.

I have based these on the blocks we used for the Hugs Quilt, but simplified it down to only two colours.