Me too - I am now on Etsy

I am loving the fact that Etsy provides an opportunity for all of us who love to craft to share and sell our creations in an easy way. It also makes it possible for us to connect and to find those unique items made by others.

Children's blue triangular fleece and brushed
cotton scarf with helicopters and airplanes
So far, I have only listed one item, and at a higher price than I really expect anyone to be prepared to pay. I am using this listing as an experiment and learning curve, whilst I read more about how to be successful on Etsy.

My intention is to slowly increase the number of items available in the shop. When I make something for myself, the kids, for charity or to give away as gifts; I am planning on making one or two extra items which I'll then offer for sale via Etsy.

If there is anything you have seen on my blog, which you'd like to buy, please let me know and I'll see what I can do!

Etsy:  Sewn, quilted and crafted by BossyOz,