Pink girly log cabin quilt, part 2

Progress is slow, but steady...

I have now managed to get 35 log cabin blocks done. Centre piece was cut as 3'x3'. The strips were cut 2'. I can't honestly say that I have managed to sew 1/4' all the time, so they are a bit wonky... (or let's blame the camera distortion!)

I 'think' I like some white/creme to break it all up, so I am contemplating making some of these blocks. The centre piece is cut 5'x5' and the strips 3' (not sewn in the picture below).

It is the same heart fabric as centre piece as in the log cabin ones. If I manage to decide on the backing fabric soon (most likely the pink in original post linked below, third picture, furthest to the right), I might make some blocks with that fabric in the centre too, and white/cream around.

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