Update - Twelve aims for 2012

Scanning through the blog, I spotted my twelve aims for 2012.

Having delivered the five bags for the Easter fair two weeks ago, I have completed one of my aims, Number 10. As I used existing fabrics, Number 9 is also covered. The pattern for two of the bags were taken from one of my sewing books, hence a tiny tick for Number 6.

  1. Finish the 50 flags for the bunting
  2. Finish the hexagon quilts (children's fabrics and the pall)
  3. Finish the 'Smitten' inspired quilt
  4. Design and create one other quilt
  5. Make three things for myself
  6. Make one thing from each of the sewing / crafty books I have, purchase or am given
  7. Stock the Etsy or Folksy shop with ten items
  8. Set up PayPal and sell via my homepage / Facebook
  9. Use my existing stash of fabric rather than buy new
  10. Make and donate five items to charity
  11. Give away three hand-made items to friends or family
  12. Re-purpose or re-fashion something from my wardrobe

I do have a PayPal account (Number 8) and with a skiing trip coming up, hopefully I'll complete Number 5 and 11, or at least parts of these within short!

If, I am really really lucky, I may attend the sewing session with the pall tomorrow afternoon; although with an off-site strategy day taking place on Wednesday morning it seems rather unlikely.


Kikkan said…
13. Kanske några fler snibbar till påskbordet!!! SMS;ar Dig i morgon (söndag) ♥♥