Bags galore, just in time, or last minute...

For the Easter fund raising at the Church I have managed to make five bags.  Four of them were made using the Retro Bag pattern from One Year Wonders, and one was made using the instructions on Kn√•pmodern for a nursery bag (dagiskasse). 
Dagiskasse and one of the two almost identical bags made out of thick woven curtain fabric. The latter two bags feature a dark green lining and a pocket on the inside.

Elephants with a large gingham lining. I am not actually sure what the character is called (any ideas???), but on the inside is a lime green fabric matching the sack on the front. Both the outer fabrics were donations to the church.
Work permitting, it's time to meet up with the Sewing Grannies tomorrow afternoon. Fingers crossed we don't have a disaster on any of my projects!


Anonymous said…
John Blund!
BossyOz said…
Of course it is! Thank you!!