The hexagon quilt

The work with the pall for the Swedish Church in London is progressing, slowly. I published a photo of the middle section, the road, in October (click for entry). At the moment we are working on the four areas around the road, each representing a season. As everything is hand sewn it is a rather slow process, but great fun!

Our latest thinking is that we should try to focus the summer season on blue, yellow and red to make sure they all match each other. Some of the "flowers" in the picture above has therefore been moved to other seasons or been put in the "perhaps" pile.

A rough count in the photos shows that we have stitched together a little over 500 hexagons, plus the road; someone mentioned that we probably need around 2000...


Kikkan said…
Va mycket Ni hann med sist på syjäntorna.., När är nästa syjänteträff??? Tisdag 06
Mars eller var det någon innan. Kram Kikkan
Nina said…
Nästa vecka, 21/3