Hexi love - by sewing machine

I love the effect of hexagons in a quilt, but can't really justify starting another one as the pall is still going to take some considerable time to complete. As a teenager I made footballs out of fabric and as they are built up of 20 hexagons and 15 pentagons, there just MUST be a way of machine stitching only hexagons together to a quilt.

I know it's "wrong" to do it by machine, but HEY!, with two kids, time is of the essence! 

I have made my hexagons rather larger than "standard" to make the quilt grow quicker, and to make sure the patterns of the fabrics are shown off better.

So far, I am really pleased with the result! Sure, it's not as smooth as the hand sewn ones, but it's good enough for me and I still haven't ironed them.