New fabric shop found!

Hmmmm, not good....

A random search on Google revealed a, for me, until now, unknown fabric shop. It is called Fabrics Galore and is located not far from Clapham Junction. 

What a fantastic find!!!

Sure, some of the fabrics, e.g. Liberty and Alexander Henry, are last season's lines, but that doesn't really bother me as I am always after a good deal anyway.

I managed to restrain myself and only bought three different fabrics. The photo came out a bit strange; the stripy one is white and navy blue, the one with stars is navy blue and red and then finally dinosaurs on a clear blue background.


Kikkan said…
Good job I don't live close to Clapham Jct.. I do really have enough fabrics already but you can always buy a little more just in case... Went to Herne Hill today to work on the 'bårtäcke'. Hugs Kikkan ♥♥♥
BossyOz said…
One always "neeeeeed" more fabric....
I have emailed Eva to get the programme for the year as the meet up yesterday was a surprise to me.