Friday, 5 August 2011

Fleece hoodie wrap re-creation tutorial

N.B. An updated version with plenty more photos can be found by clicking ((here)).

Inspired by a fleece yoga wrap seen in a discussion forum and on Etsy, I decided to give it a go re-creating the garment. I have often done this with pieces I have found on the high street or in expensive boutiques; it is a challenge I really like!

It actually wasn't that difficult, and all done in a few hours whilst eating breakfast, feeding the littlest one, doing laundry, emptying the dishwasher and accepting a delivery. It took me longer to type up this tutorial than put together the wrap thingy!

If this is the end of the post, please click "read more" for the full tutorial! If there is more text below this paragraph then you are already viewing the full tutorial.

As this is a loose fitting garment, I used an old t-shirt to create the back piece. For the fronts and hood, I cut out two long pieces of fabric suitable to my body size. Please see below for figuring out how big pieces you need!

If you'd like it more professionally looking and including sleeves, I suggest you use a pattern for the back piece and the sleeves.

Next, you need to measure yourself from side to side over your tummy, widest part, no cheating! This measure plus some for the seam allowance would be the width of your front / hood pieces.

To figure out the length of your combined front / hood pieces you need to measure a bit more...

On your back piece, measure the length from bottom of the side hem, up under the arm, to the top of the shoulder (left picture), then along the shoulder line, to the middle of the back (top right picture), then add the size of the hoodie (I found that approx 35 cm from the centre back of the neck to the top worked for me). Add all these measurements together, and, if you are a chicken like me, add some more just in case your math wasn't up to it.... I usually add 10% if I have enough fabric otherwise less!

Now you have three pieces: two rectangles and one back piece.
(If you are doing sleeves, you also have two sleeve pieces)

Stitching next!

I started by putting the two front / hood pieces right sides together, then stitched the top of the hood from the front all the way down to the shoulder line. Then I attached the front / hood to the back piece at the shoulder seams. Stitching from sleeve end to the centre back on one side, then the same from the other sleeve end. I did the side seams (from under the sleeves to bottom hem) last, as this is were you may need to cut off some of the "safety" fabric to make the bottom hem level.

That was it!

Please let me know if the tutorial is not clear or if you require more pictures.

If you'd like to purchase the original item, please visit Me and D on Etsy.

The small print: I am happy for you to use this tutorial to make these for yourself or to give away to your friends, but I suggest that you check with Me and D if you are planning on selling these.


shelley said...

I just saw the same fleece yoga wrap on Pinterst...and then went to Etsy to find it. Next the web for a tutorial, and here you are!! Yay!! You mention in the middle of your post to click "read more" below for the full tutorial. I can't seem to find the "read more" on your post. I think I can put everything together with just what is on your post, but the full tutorial would be great. THANKS!!!!

NBossyOz said...

Shelley, not sure why it isn't working, but the full tutorial is at:

Perhaps try copy+paste that link?

The fleece wrap really is super easy to make, and really comfy!!!

Good luck!

Dana L said...

Could you post pictures of the shapes of the pieces? Is the hood part of the front pieces? I'm a little confused how that would go together! Thanks

BossyOz said...

Dana L,
the front and hood is in one long rectangle (one for each side). I added approx 35 cm for the hood on top of the length for the front piece.
Hope this helps?! Unfortunately I can't seem to be able to find any photos showing the cut pieces :-(

Anonymous said...

Hi! I don't know if you still haven't found the pictures, I'm planning to sew for the first time & I wanted to start out with this --- Could you provide more pictures of the pieces?

BossyOz said...

Take your back piece (made based on a loose fitting t-shirt or from a pattern).
Measure the total length from the bottom hem to the shoulder (over the opening for the sleeve, as in the left photo) and the to the middle of the back (at neck height, as in top right photo).
In my case these measures were 60 cm and 20 cm respectively, i.e. 80 cm in total.
Add to that the size of the hoodie, in my case 35 cm.
Hence the length of each of the combined front / hoodie pieces are 60+20+35=105 cm
The width of the pieces depend on your body measurements from side to side, over your tummy. In my case this was 45 cm.
Hence, adding some seam allowances, I cut two pieces, each 50 cm wide and 110 cm long.

Hopefully this make it a bit clearer?!

Theresa said...

Hi I cut out and basted my pieces together. But my hood are came out HUGE. from front to back it's long and looks like a jedi or wiccan robe hood..:) Its about 90cm from the front of the hood to the neckline.

My pieces were

Back: 76cm x 76cm

front pieces (2) 61cm x 134cm
76cm (bottom hem to top of shoulder)
23cm (shoulder to mid neck)
35cm (hood)

Did I do something wrong?

BossyOz said...

It might be that the size of your front panels are making the hood too large.
My fronts were 50 cm, with yours at 60 cm each, that makes an extra 20 cm in 'depth'; which may be much too large for your head? Hence the jedi feel?
Also, might be worth to check that when you have basted the front panel to the side and then shoulder to middle of back neck, you have 35 cm ish left above for your hood. Perhaps you stretched the fabric?
It might be worth you 'rounding off' the hood's free edges to make it slimmer (closer to say 50cm).
Let me know if this helps!
Good luck!

Theresa said...

Yes, I figured that was the reason. I am going to try to cut down the hood in the front and I guess in the back.

Let you know how it works out...


Anonymous said...

The link you posted takes me back to this page. Could you post a corrected link to the full tutorial?

BossyOz said...

If that is the case, then you are already seeing the full tutorial. There is only a few steps as the garment only includes three pieces. Simple and easy wrap to make.

Theresa said...

Well, i cut down the hood and a bit of the width of the front panels. I decided to give it to my MIL for her birthday since she is a bit bigger and taller than me. I called it a snuggie wrap...LOL. Well if I was able to post a pic I would.

LeAnn said...

I am a very visual learner and would love to see more pictures or even sketches to help me understand how you put this together, please!!!

BossyOz said...

LeAnn and others, please note that I have now created a new extended version of this tutorial. This also includes a link to a Flickr group where you can share photos of your versions.

LeAnn said...

Thank you!!! That is exactly what this visual learner needed! I can't wait to get started.